Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines

GABA invites you to learn about artificial intelligence and how it reshapes human values, trust, and power around the world.

A thought-provoking examination of artificial intelligence and how it reshapes human values, trust, and power around the world.

Olaf J. Groth, PhD, “Solomon’s Code” Co-Author, Cambrian CEO & Strategy Professor
Mark Nitzberg, “Solomon’s Code” Co-Author, Executive Director at UC Berkeley CHAI

Whether in medicine, money, or love, technologies powered by forms of artificial intelligence are playing an increasingly prominent role in our lives. As we cede more decisions to thinking machines, we face new questions about staying safe, keeping a job and having a say over the direction of our lives. The answers to those questions might depend on your race, gender, age, behavior, or nationality.

New AI technologies can drive cars, treat damaged brains and nudge workers to be more productive, but they also can threaten, manipulate, and alienate us from others. They can pit nation against nation, but they also can help the global community tackle some of its greatest challenges – from food crises to global climate change.

In clear and accessible prose, global trends and strategy adviser Olaf Groth, AI scientist and social entrepreneur Mark Nitzberg, along with seasoned economics reporter Dan Zehr, provide a unique human-focused, global view of humanity in a world of thinking machines.

“Prof Groth’s and Dr Nitzberg’s book “Solomon’s Code” demonstrates – via a synthesis of 100 interviews and the help of 30+ HULT students and alumni around the world – how the Cognitive Era is upon us, how thinking machines (“AI”) are changing power, values and trust in and across societies, and how we all need to prepare for symbio-intelligence between machines and humans. AI will change the way you work, compete, forge relationships and live your life. Through vivid examples and future life scenarios, the authors seek to send an important message about enabling ordinary people to get a seat at the table, side by side with business leaders, government policy makers and scientists, as we negotiate our digital future. This includes a proposal for a multi-stakeholder Cambrian Congress that will craft a Digital Magna Carta for the Cognitive Era. As a result, Groth and Nitzberg have attracted a global set of publishers, and have gotten much appreciated advance praise from prominent foreword/afterword authors and endorsers. They have received invitations from German and French Presidents’ offices to discuss their research, they have written essays for World Economic Forum and UN publications and they have been giving TEDx talks, TV, podcast (10/29) and XM radio(11/8) interviews in Europe and the U.S.”

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